Discover 5 must-visit destinations in Singapore

Discover 5 must-visit destinations in Singapore

When you plan to travel in Singapore, have you researched about destinations in Singapore that you must visit to have a full experience in this country?

Singapore’s tour typically focuses on contemporary architecture and cutting-edge attractions, but every bit of the state-of-the-art architectural structure is designed with the aim to reflect the history of the country.

Have a dinner at the ancient house of CHIJMES or visit the President’s Office in an open house in The Istana can be things that appear in your bucket list.

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Check our list below and add some tips for you and your family members when traveling in Singapore, we are sure that after visiting these 5 destinations in Singapore, you will have ‚Äúhundred-of-like‚ÄĚ photos to post on your Instagram as well as having more knowledge about the heritage and historical events of th√≠ beautiful island. Let‚Äô come and enjoy!¬†

National Gallery Singapore


The former Supreme Court and the former City Hall, located between the Fort Canning Park and Esplanade, is a place to display Italian art, which used to be the location where the Japanese surrendered at the end of the Second World War. This was built in 1939 and was the last building constructed in colonial British architecture in Singapore.

The showcase mural by the Italian artist Cavalière Rodolfo Nolli lasted until 2005 when the buildings were turned into an Asian art museum, the National Gallery Singapore, which opened to the public in 2015. 

Discover Singapore art gallery at THE ARTS HOUSE

Discover Singapore art gallery at THE ARTS HOUSE

The Arts House previously functioned as Parliament House in Singapore, but now tourists can take part in spectacular art shows, dance performances, documentaries, and musical concerts.

When you come here, touch the bronze elephant head, which is King of Siam’s 19th-century gift, and The Chamber, the most historic place within the complex that has now been used for recitals, fashion shows, and weddings, while you go sightseeing in The Art House.

Enjoy gothic-style in Singapore at CHIJMES


This old complex has turned lifestyle to provide a new atmosphere for shopping and restaurant in gothic architecture. In the 19th and 20th centuries, CHIJMES was a Catholic convent and orphanage.

It was restored in 1996 and now becomes a popular destination with foreign restaurants, musicals, and weddings. Grand ceremonies are performed regularly on Watabe Wedding Singapore in CHIJMES Hall and in Alcove at Caldwell House.

The Hope Gate is indeed an incredible sight that you cannot miss when traveling in Singapore.

Discover working government building at THE ISTANA and THE ISTANA HERITAGE GALLERY


The Istana functions as a working place of the Singaporean President and Prime Minister. The Istana is only open to the public five days a year.

Since its establishment in 1869, numerous state visitors have stayed at this historical building, also known as the Government House.

At the open houses, you can visit the botanical garden of the grounds, the four ponds, the Istana main building as well as the special function rooms with guided walks through nature.

A stroll around a swan pond and a guide of Singapore’s President’s and Prime Minister’s historical presents are the highlights of the tours.

Singaporeans and permanent residents can attend the Istana Open House with no fee. A small entrance fee is applied to foreign visitors. During the following holidays, Istana is open to the public:

Chinese New Year: the second day of actual holiday in January or February, depending on the Chinese lunar calendar

  • Labour Day: May 1
  • Hari Raya Puasa: mid-year, follows last day of Ramadan
  • National Day: August 9 (check dates, as Istana Open House for National Day generally occurs at the end of July)
  • Deepavali: October or November, depending on Hindu lunar calendar

If you have finished your trip in Singapore, but cannot spend your holidays in Singapore during these vacations, don’t be afraid.

Situated in Istana Park on Orchard Road, the Istana Heritage Gallery opened in 2016, offering public information about the history of Istana and historic events that occurred. 

Take a tour around HENDERSON WAVES


Henderson Waves may sound like a beach resort, but it is a beautiful bridge of wood and steel, a fantastic architecture shaped like a rolling ocean wave.

The South Ridges, a three-mile trail linking Kent Ridge Park, HortPark, Telok Blangah Hill, and Mount Faber Park, is popular with families and joggers on weekends.

To see the scenery, arrive at Kent Ridge Park Pond, then enter the Pitter Patter Potter Garden before finishing with a final visit to the Singapore Cable Car Museum. 

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