Discover National Museum of Singapore

Discover National Museum of Singapore

Singapore is a city with thousands with years of history and its fascinating past is exhibited in a comfortable place in the city center – the National Museum of Singapore.

The history of Singapore has helped create his present-day global empire and the stunning exhibitions in Singapore provide visitors with all the knowledge they need! Come here and have an interesting experience on your Singapore tour!

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About the National Museum of Singapore

The National Museum of Singapore is housed in a stately building near to the city center at 93 Stamford Road and is open daily from 10:00 to 19:00 to the public.

To tourists who want to see budget-friendly attractions, The Singapore National Museum provides free admission to Singaporean citizens, as well as 50% off entrance fees for international students and foreign travelers over 60 years old.

The Singapore national museum was built in 1849, initially operated as a museum and library, and later in 1887, it became a full museum.

About the National Museum of Singapore

On arrival, visitors are welcome to a large lobby on the four floors, including the underground basement, which branches out to many exhibits.

Renaissance architecture decorates the National Museum of Singapore with ceilings that plunge to the sky. As visitors explore the museum, visitors are able to reach the sunny outdoors on glass-top passageways.

In addition to occasional displays, the museum contains permanent exhibitions. There are an outdoor balcony and a special event space.

Guests will dine at restaurants, rent a locker, and chill in the quiet serenity of the gardens Visitors may discover the museum by themselves or register for a guided tour.

Getting to the National Museum of Singapore

The Singapore National Museum is situated in the city center and conveniently accessible from all places. The museum provides free parking and using public transportation to the museum is an alternative.

You can use Dhoby Ghaut MRT to reach this destination. The bus stops YMCA or SMU are also available. Both stations are outside the entrance of the museum.

Seasonal Exhibits at National Museum of Singapore

The Singapore National Museum has a wide collection of exhibitions throughout the year. In addition to the permanent shows, a few guest favorites are displayed during particular seasons of the year.


Reunion is a moving experience situated on the atrium, in which the guests hear about Singapore’s Labour Movement in the 1960s. From July to November, this show is open to visitors.

You can learn about workplace and employee relationships throughout the campaign and hear recorded quotes, stories, and speeches from some of the most influential figures.

Packaging Matters

Packaging Matters Singapore

Packaging Matters is a display where visitors can walk through the displays, view retro food packages and get a taste of some of the popular Singapore foods of the 60s and 70s in large scale manufacturing.

Visitors will learn how factories operate and how branding packages helped to boost the product. Between April to September, Packing Matters is available for you.

Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition

You will find a lot of inspiration from some of Singapore’s youngest artists when admiring the works of art shown at the Art Show of the Singapore Youth Festival.

The first floor of the building is used for the gallery. The art exhibition is held during July, and the museum holds activities run by the artists on weekends. 

Exhibits Inside the National Museum of Singapore

Be sure to schedule at least three hours while visiting the Singapore National Museum to take part in the whole experience and to see all displays.

Each room offers an insight into the culture and developments that have led to modern times. The museum contains numerous permanent exhibitions, each with a special story to share.

Voices of Singapore

Voices of Singapore

Returning to the 1970s and 1980s, Voices of Singapore shows the creative culture, theatre, and self-expression of the past. You can listen to the popular music of Singapore and learn about local musicians.

This exhibit includes records, flyers, cameras and other items of interest.

Singapore, Very Old Tree

An exhibition in artistic heritage is where tourists can hear about the city’s famous trees. This exhibit is in the glass rotunda and contains trees which say about how nature has influenced Singapore’s appearance. Within this fascinating collection there are a total of 17 tree photos.

Magic and Menace

The show in Magic and Menace is for those who like to get away from logic for a little while, paying an attention to the mystical concepts that are admired in Southeast Asian culture.

Situated on the 2nd floor of the building, this exhibit is open everyday between 10 am and 7 pm. Guests will discover how the magic and healing powers of nature is perceived.

Modern Colony

Modern Colony shows displays from the 1930s, which is a fantastic look of the of how British colonial in 19th century helped to shape the metropolis of Singapore today.

This show is situated on the museum’s second floor where visitors can see fashion styles and the opportunities for women’s development.

Surviving Syonan

Surviving Syonan is an impressive display that shows the determination and endurance of the Singapore people during the 1942-1945 of Japanese invasion.

Guests would have the ability to view images and objects during the invasion while listening to documented stories. You can find this on the second floor of the museum.

Dining and Shopping at National Museum of Singapore

The tourists will spend the day discovering from the rich exhibition, visiting with friends and family at the Singapore National Museum. Don’t leave the museum without eating and shopping in a special cafĂ© or bar.

Museum Label

Bring home a souvenir from the Museum Label gift store to memorialize a special visit to the museum.

Each day, the Museum Label houses a number of books, gems, and drinks stimulating creativity and providing cultural significance of the city.

The Museum Label is open daily from 10 am until 7 pm and can be found on the first floor of the building.

Food for Thought

Food for Thought is a great restaurant where guests will dine with incredible American-style food while chatting meaningful stories to friends, family and strangers!

This restaurant is open between 10 am and 7 pm and offers a good meal at any budget. Discover creamy carbonara, ribeye steak, or even a classic beef burger with french fries.

Janice Wong Singapore

Janice Wong Singapore

You can visit Janice Wong Singapore in the first floor of the museum for a nice cup of gourmet coffee or homemade tea.

Janice Wong Singapore has an aura of fun and colorfulness, and is available from 11 to 6 pm Tuesday-Sunday. Visitors are welcome to enjoy imaginative treats and sip a hot or cold drink with a passion for fine detail.


A great restaurant in the airy Rotunda setting, Flutes offers gourmet cuisine and high-quality wines. The flute is a fantastic spot to eat. The restaurant provides an open and tidy atmosphere and trendy Asian décor.

At Flutes, a seat for breakfast, lunch, tea, or dinner can be reserved. The menu includes tasty seafood, fresh vegetables, and other great cuts of meat. Dishes are served in an art dish and blend well with the comprehensive wines provided by this restaurant.

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