Top 12 local brands in Singapore


There’s a strong fascination with local brands amongst Singaporeans, so those special fashion lines have a role to serve the needs of the local population. The popularity of homegrown brands allows Singaporeans to have an identity, to stand out and more importantly, claim a sense of uniqueness all their own.

We have selected among many fascinating brands and come up with these top 12 most-favorite Singapore local brands that are certain to blow your mind when you visit Singapore.

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Charles and Keith

Charles and Keith - Singapore local brand

For all fashion lovers, Charles and Keith is a brand so familiar and attractive. But not all of them know that CaK is a Singapore brand.

In 1996, Charles and his younger brother Keith opened their first store in 1996 at Amara Shopping Centre.

“CHARLES & KEITH was founded with a vision to empower women around the world to express themselves freely through fashion. The brand pushes the boundaries of modern footwear and accessories by constantly reinventing fashion with its curated collections.” (via Charles & Keith brand profile)

In 2004, this Singapore local brand became the first company in this country to set up an e-commerce website in an effort to expand its business. Charles & Keith launched Pedro in 2005, which is a line of men’s footwear.


Naiise - Singapore local brand

Naiise is a multi-label store that celebrates local designers, making them easily available not just to locals but globally as well. This Singapore local brand sells items as diverse as kitchenware and fashionable outfits for both men and women.

They managed to bolster the reputation of a number of creatives and their work by giving them an outlet to sell. Their emphasis on cool and functional and is a space for local crafts and wares has made them immensely popular for anyone looking to bring home a unique slice of Singapore.

Epigram Books

Epigram Books Singapore

This Singapore independent publisher focuses on championing local literature mostly in the English Language that has been around since 2011. So it’s a paradise for anyone interested in the local literature, Epigram Books has you covered — and then some.

One of the ways the company has been pushing for greater representation for local writers is with its Epigram Books Fiction Prize Awards, which have given Singaporean authors a chance to get manuscripts published.

Besides novels, they also publish graphic novels such as The New York Times bestseller The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye by Sonny Liew.



BooksActually is a book-lover’s paradise in Singapore. Starting out as a bookstore with a specialty in fiction and literature, be it prose, poetry, literary journals.

The work they have published and carry is particularly unique, with experimental and non-traditional forms being given an outlet that’s otherwise not available for them, such as LGBT themes and experimental poetry.

They store a massive collection of local literature, both contemporary and classic, and have even started their own imprint, Math Paper Press, for local writers. This is one of the most favorite Singapore local brands if you want to deep dive into the ocean of books.

Old Chang Kee

Old Chang Kee Singapore

Immensely popular franchise Old Change is a classic, being part of Singapore culture for more than five decades.

This Singapore local brand is famous, specifically for its delicious curry puffs — flour-coated snacks filled with potato or other variations. They have since branched out and introduced other specialized finger food, but their curry puffs, or “curry’o” as they call it, is possibly the most popular.

Sabrina Goh

Sabrina Goh Singapore

The founder of this Singapore flagship store that bears her name – Sabrina Goh – has been mentored by the likes of Diane von Furstenberg and Victoria Beckham.

She has been collecting accolades and acclaim since the day she launched her brand, Elohim by Sabrina Goh, in 2009. She even had the chance to collaborate and design a Star Wars collection.

Her loose, minimalist, asymmetrical designs show a strong contemporary style that’s between high fashion and everyday wear. 


supermama singapore

Supermama has paved the path for making high-quality local creations available to the public. It is a gallery store that specializes in Singapore designers and artists, so you can take something filled with local experience as a souvenir right here during a Singapore trip.

The brand is iconic for its Singapore motif plates and cups that utilize imagery from the country’s HDBs (public estates), traditional designs, and famous landmarks.

The store has been growing in popularity since launching a flagship store along Beach Road, with a heavy focus on nostalgia and identity.


TWG Tea Singapore

TWG Tea is another brand that not only has stores locally but also branched out overseas and becomes very well-known by making tea an exclusive experience, as opposed to one you would have at common hawker centers.

Upscale (or atas in Singlish) tea brand out of Singapore stocks close to 1,000 different blends and a variety of teas from all over the world and has become synonymous with having a luxurious tea experience at home or at one of their tea rooms and outlets. 

Carrie K

Carrie K Singapore

This Singapore local brand has been going for 10 years now and growing. Jewelry designer, Carrie K’s journey started when she decided to go to Italy and went from learning the Italian language to an apprenticeship with a silversmith. 

Its recent deal with Disney to release a collection inspired by films such as Snow White and Beauty and the Beast has made the brand gain popularity.

Their collections cater to every range from below $100 to high five-digit sums, and thanks to its focus on quality and heritage-driven craftsmanship that is timeless rather than trendy, the brand has become prominent in the Singapore jewelry industry. 


Depression Singapore brand

Depression took the island by storm with its dark, Goth-inspired pieces. It is a unisex fashion label specializing in streetwear. 

Founded by Kenny Lim and Andrew Loh, this Singapore local brand was a labor of love, taking a risk by delving into the fickle world of street fashion.

The company’s look has also become more unique, creating its own identity from the initial influence of Japanese street style. Now it’s going strong, building a loyal local audience, and has been gaining followers overseas as well. 

Ong Shunmugam

Ong Shunmugam Singapore

From starting out with its first collection in 2010 to being the youngest Singapore local brand with its own show at the Audi Fashion Festival in 2014, Ong Shunmugam’s success story is admirable.

The line specializes in womenswear. It is heavily inspired by Singaporean culture blending both Western dresses with Chinese outfits and even crafting cheongsam pieces with contemporary twists. 

Especially in 2017, they went further by bringing out a Malay-inspired collection that infused modern ideas to traditional Malay outfits.


Razer - Singapore local brand

With its neon-green serpentine logo plastered across an entire ecosystem of products, this popular gaming hardware company is well-known across the world. Some of these include high-end laptops, keyboards, and other tech accessories targeting gamers specifically.

Constantly at the cutting edge, Razer has been considered the pride of Singapore for its innovation and being a worldwide pioneer in eSports.

After all, Razer’s products are widely renowned for their striking graphics and a powerful system that’s suitable for powered-up game playing.

Check Razer Store in Singapore here.

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