Passengers from some Australian, New Zealand cities allowed to transit through Changi Airport

transit through Changi Airport

SINGAPORE: Singapore Airlines (SIA) and Silk Airlines passengers from certain cities in Australia and New Zealand are now allowed to transit through Changi Airport.

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The SIA has announced on its website that these transit flights are only intended for trips abroad and will take effect from Thursday, June 11.

“Passengers will not be able to transit from other points on the SIA group’s network via Singapore to these cities,” said the national carrier.

SilkAir and Singapore Airlines planes

The cities of Australia include Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth (via Scoot), and Sydney, while the cities of New Zealand are Auckland and Christchurch.

Transfers are also only authorized on flights between the airlines of the SIA group – SIA, SilkAir, and Scoot.

Currently, transfers from and to flights operated by other airlines are not allowed.


In its announcement, the SIA said that transit and non-transit passengers will be separated at Changi Airport.

“It’s about ensuring the health and safety of our customers and our staff,” said the airline.

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When passengers pass through Changi Airport, they will receive a bracelet indicating their access to the designated transit waiting area.

If the transit time is less than 75 minutes, passengers will be taken directly to their boarding gate.

Passengers will not be able to transit from other points on the SIA group's network via Singapore to these cities

“For transit times of more than 75 minutes, they will be taken to a designated transit area at their departure terminal before boarding their connecting flight,” said SIA.

Passengers may not make any stops en route and must remain in the transit waiting area at all times.

Well boarding, passengers in transit will first board the plane, followed by passengers, not in transit.

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The SIA added that on the plane, there will be dedicated seating areas to separate transit and non-passenger passengers.

“Passengers must remain in their designated area throughout the flight,” said the airline.

“Well upon arrival, non-transit passengers will disembark first, followed by transit passengers.”

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