Security measures in the new transit zones of Changi Airport

holding areas in Changi Airport

SINGAPORE: Passengers passing through Changi Airport will be directed to new transit waiting areas in Terminals 1 and 3.

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It’s about providing “a safe environment for all passengers and airport workers,” said Changi Airport Group (CAG) Thursday, June 11, as it prepares for the gradual resumption of passenger transportation services.

Safety measures in transit holding areas in Changi Airport

This comes after Singapore Airlines (SIA) announced that it had received authorization to reinstate transit flights from certain cities in Australia and New Zealand.

Passengers passing through Changi Airport will be directed to new transit waiting areas in Terminals 1 and 3

The CAG declared that the retention areas will be regularly disinfected and that the temperature will be taken at the entrances. Passengers in transit with a high temperature or who appear or do not feel well will receive medical treatment.

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All passengers must wear a face mask and adhere to the safety distance markers.

In addition, airport personnel in transit waiting areas must wear a face mask, face shield, and gloves, and their temperature should also be read before entering the area.

Non-contact hand sanitizers, automatic faucets, and sensor-fitted doors in toilets are available in transit areas, CAG said.

All toilets, seats, and chairs are regularly cleaned and disinfected. “Frequently touched surfaces such as charging stations, tables, and playgrounds have been sprayed with a long-lasting antimicrobial disinfectant coating that reduces the risk of virus transmission,” said CAG.

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The carpets are vacuumed daily by autonomous cleaning robots equipped with a HEPA filter that captures fine particles. The robots are also equipped with a sprayer to disinfect the carpets after cleaning.

Airport staff will direct transit passengers from the waiting areas to the gate waiting room for their departing flights.

The transit waiting area of ‚Äč‚Äčterminal 1 is located at doors C1 to C3 and that of terminal 3 is outside door A15.

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