Top 10 sale venues for shopping addicts in Singapore

Top 10 sale venues for shopping addicts in Singapore

Are you ready to shop ā€˜til you drop? From vintage finds at Haji Lane to Orchard Roadā€™s luxury bargains, here are all the shopping areas you should note down whenever your shopping extravaganza rises when you travel to Singapore.Ā Ā Note that for the best shopping experience, great wifi or 4G connection is a must, so be prepared!

Vintage Shopping in Singapore

Haji Lane


Ā Haji Lane is dubbed as Singaporeā€™s original ā€œhipsterā€ street, it is really popular among many Instagrammers for its various vintage murals, boutiques, cafes. You can find a lot of photos taken here when you scroll down your insta feed. And lying at this beautiful scenery is many shops with unique vintage stuff.Ā You can even buy some perfect vintage souvenirs here with reasonable prices during the sale season. However, on any other day, the goods at this attraction tend to be on the pricey end.

Commercial Shopping in Singapore

Orchard Central and [email protected]

Hoard some western brands at Orchard Central and [email protected]! From Topshop to H&M, these places have them all! And it is very convenient as they stay just by each other so you do not have to go far away.  After a long day shopping, treat yourself a supper at the 24-hour Don Don Donki at Orchard Central (which offers Japanese meal).

IMM Outlet

Want to find a place that offers the best deals in the city? IMM Outlet mall is definitely your place. If you thought the prices here couldnā€™t get any cheaper, you might need to think again! Singaporeā€™s largest outlet mall offers up to 80% discounts year-round. So in case, you need to stock up on workout gear from Under Armour or Adidas, or winter wear from North Face for those upcoming below zero holidays, IMM Outlet is the place to be!

Bugis Junction and Bugis Plus

Everyone loves shopping at the sale season! Nothing can compare to bargain shopping, even ā€œshoppingā€ itself. you can definitely spend an entire day just galavanting through Bugis Streetā€™s rows of stalls and its malls such as the Bugis Junction and Bugis+. At the local favorite shops such as The Editorā€™s Market and Sephora, you can also find discounted prices.



 Want to experience both your favorite western brands and luxury shops in one place? VivoCity is the best place to visit, it is often referred to as a megamall, thanks to its wide range of shopping and entertainment options. . Especially during the sale period, top brands like Gap to Armani will offer their products at unbeatable prices. After the ultimate shopping time, take  seat and enjoy mouth-watering dishes at VivoCityā€™s food court. 


Funan is Singaporeā€™s first ā€œoffline and onlineā€ mall which offers all your tech needs.It is powered by an ecosystem of sensors, data analytics, and facial recognition technology so shoppers can choose from diverse product recommendations. The most impressive thing is the experiential retail which is taken to a whole new level, you are served with spaces to test drive new products that you want to take them home. 

Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel Changi Airport is home to over 290 retail shops and F&B outlets. This is the place we highly recommend you spend the precious time to take a tour as it has the worldā€™s tallest indoor waterfall, the only Pokemon center outside of Japan with exclusive merchandise. And if you want to customize your own Nike T-shirts, there is Nikeā€™s largest outlet in Southeast Asia here so it will satisfy your needs.

Luxury Shopping in Singapore

ION Orchard


 Orchard Road is an iconic shopping venue in Singapore, and hardly anyone goes to the country without coming here at least once. The shopping destination is home to the most insane deals in the sale season and makes the experience filled with joy. Luxury brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, and Prada will have many great deals that you canā€™t resist, but make sure that you will not spend all the money as there are a lot more to offer and you may regret when staring at a delicately designed bag but you have run out of budget. The best thing at this place is the Global Tax-Free Service Counter and a one-stop tax refund service to make sure that guests can enjoy a hassle-free and tax-free shopping experience!

Design Orchard

When it comes to shopping local artisanal goods, this up and coming retail venue is a great place to start It has over 60 homegrown designers which are all available in one place! Take a look for brands like Naiise, Onlewo, Ginlee Studio and Gnome & Bow here as they have really good sales compared to the quality.

Paragon Shopping Centre

This place will make you worry about not being able to stop swiping credit cards as the deals are way too good. Every luxury shopper will jump to join at the SALE signs places outside stores like Marc Jacobs, GUCCI and Coach.

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