Wonderful souvenirs in Singapore for travelers

Wonderful souvenirs in Singapore for travelers

Along with the memories and snapshots, one more thing you should consider taking back is the souvenirs in Singapore.

Being a multi-cultural society, thereā€™s plenty here that will pique the interest and serve as meaningful memorabilia when you arrive home after a wonderful trip in Singapore.

A snapback

Thereā€™s a lot of great international snapback brands but itā€™s the Singapore variation you should keep a lookout for. It is one of the most novel items and cool fashion accessories you will see in Singapore.

The famed ā€˜Lim Pehā€™ snapback is particularly infamous as the word means ā€˜your fatherā€™ in Hokkien and is a popular fighting term amongst Singaporeans (or if you understand Singlish). People, where you live, might not understand it, but it will certainly stand out.

A stylized map of Singapore

A stylized map of Singapore

One of the worst souvenirs in Singapore? Of course not, what was here today is gone tomorrow. This city is constantly in flux. A fantastic memento of your adventure in an ever-changing location.

This particular series of maps are fantastic to hang on your walls. They display Singapore in its most constant state as seen from a topographical point of view.

Anything with a Merlion

The Merlion is a national symbol of Singapore. You can get Merlion keychains in some neat designs or even a gold pendant bar if you desire.

There are also t-shirts, magnets, plates, and all kinds of other memorabilia featuring this mythological animal, so you can pick whatever strikes your fancy.

After all, itā€™s extremely iconic and this half-fish, half-lion creature is also where a lot of tourists gather for their famed memento shots.

A photobook

In order to offer a slice of Singapore, as experienced in a more nuanced way, literature is one of the best things to get there. Another great option is to pair literature with a photobook.

You can pick the most famous is ā€˜Singkarporā€™ by Aik Beng Chia available at BooksActually. Grabbing this book also comes with a complimentary token on the cover which varies with each copy you get. In it, you also get to see some great images of a city that is constantly evolving.

Another is Nguanā€™s ā€˜Singaporeā€™, which is internationally acclaimed and covers the period from 2007 to 2017.

Local boutique clothes

Local boutique clothes Singapore

These are some of the more statement souvenirs in Singapore you can grab here as the fashion scene blossoms and becomes more unique as Singapore has a number of labels specializing from streetwear to high fashion.

Check out Depression or Mash-Up for some fashion-forward statement items or Ong Shunmugam or Sabrina Goh for some savvy outfits that wonā€™t look out of place elsewhere while showcasing a little of bit of the Singaporean flair.

Kaya jam Singapore

Kaya jam Singapore

A local delicacy you can pick up from any convenience store or supermarket peppered all across the country, this is one of the most popular and common foodstuffs from Singapore.

Usually served for breakfast on toast, there are some different variations of the coconut jam but regardless, they all taste good and would be perfect to keep back home in your kitchen.

An exquisite kebaya

kebaya Singapore

An outfit that you might have first seen adorned by the flight stewardesses aboard Singapore Airlines, assuming you arrive via that route.

You can choose something specifically made for you, which will take time and cost more, or go ahead and grab one of the many ready-made ones available at plenty of different places.

This is an outfit that mirrors the blend of cultures intermingling that eventually resulted in this stunning form-fitting piece.


If you want some extravagant souvenirs in Singapore, check out something gold plated and inspired by our national flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim, a type of orchid.

But if you want to go a little more quirky and cute, thereā€™s a nice little collection that takes its design cues from local snacks such as the lapis sagu, kueh tutu or mooncakes.

So, this one really depends on your budget.

A book from a local author

Anything from the use of Singlish, to describing the interesting experiences of living in the city-state, this is probably the most enriching souvenir you can grab while here.

This one might be a strange choice but particularly apt due to the fact our literature is pretty unique, even in English, as compared to elsewhere in the world.

Local bookstore, BooksActually stocks a wide selection of such material and even giant bookstores such as Kinokuniya have a massive share of it.

In case reading is not your thing, perhaps a graphic novel is more suitable.

Decorative plates – Unique souvenirs in Singapore

Decorative plates - Unique souvenirs in Singapore

There are some really rad utensils if youā€™re really keen when it comes to being uniquely Singaporean. Supermama is particularly renowned for this.

Most notable utensils are their plates that feature a stylized map of Singaporeā€™s key landmarks and another one that shows Rochor Centre, one of Singaporeā€™s famous HDB landmarks.

Furthermore, there are others elsewhere with ornate designs or something more culturally specific.

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